dip into dukkah

Dip into the dukkah revolution .....!

Dukkah ("Doo-ka") is a traditional North African blend of spices and nuts. It’s very easy to enjoy – simply serve with fresh bread (soft & squidgy is best) dunked in olive oil and then into the dukkah.


We make 3 main flavour blends - "Dipping Sand", "Hot Sand" and "Super Dukkah". 

Dukkah dips make a really easy starter and are perfect served with evening drinks.


It's also a great used as a seasoning - ready to rub into meat, coat fish for grilling or sprinkle on to a salad. Head over to our "serving ideas" page for more suggestions on how to use our little tubs of Moroccan magic! 

All of our dukkahs are available to buy here on our site or pop into one of our stockists listed.


The delis and farm shops we supply are all hugely supportive of local foods and artisan producers and always on hand to chat through our new products. 

Perfect served with evening drinks just sit....sip....dip....