Our complete dipping and serving set - dukkahs, dip dishes & oak serving board. 

3 award winning dukkah blends ("Coastal Dukkah", "Super Dukkah" & "Dessert Dukkah").

The set of 2 dipping dishes are gorgeous ceramic heart dishes hand made by Penryn, Cornwall based potter Natalie Bonney.

The serving boards are from sustainably sourced UK oak and crafted for us by Newlyn based shipwright Giles Gilbert. 

Proudly all made in Cornwall, this set adds a lovely style to your dukkah party nibbles.

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Product Information

The 3 award winning dukkah blends in this set are 65g tubs of each "Coastal Dukkah", "Super Dukkah" & "Dessert Dukkah".

"Coastal Dukkah" is seasoned with locally sourced Cornish Seaweed & Cornish Sea Salt giving it great flavours of the sea, with mint & cayenne to awaken your senses.

"Super Dukkah" is our punchy & crunchy dukkah dip with traditional flavours of thyme, coriander & cumin with plenty of crunch from pumpkin, sunflower & poppy seeds.

"Dessert Dukkah", our gently sweet pistachio blend is perfect to round your evening up by "poshing up" puddings & icecream. Lovely flavours from Madagascan vanilla, star anise & cinnamon make it a great additon to crumbles (and breakfast porridge too!).

All of our dukkah blends are gluten free and suitable for vegetarian & vegan diets. They all contain nuts & sesame and our facility handles nutspeanutscelery.

Our oak serving boards are a solid piece of oak, 2cm thickness and 39cm from handle tip to base, width 14-18cm. Ceramic heart dip dishes are a set of 2 that stack one inside the other so one is slightly smaller than the other. Sizes do vary slightly but average diameters 7-9cm and approx. 5cm depth. They are suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. 

Free standard delivery included.