Dukkah is a traditional North African dish packed full of seeds, nuts & spices. Highly nutritious (and very delicious!) our dukkahs are hand blended in small batches using specially selected ingredients enabling us to maintain quality, consistency and above all, deliciousness.


Simply serve dukkah with fresh bread (we love a warm ciabatta), dunk into oil and then into the dish of dukkah. Perfect with evening drinks, it’s the easiest starter or lunch time snack. Tasty and very more-ish….it’s your time to dip into dukkah.


You can buy our dukkahs and lovely selection of dipping & serving dishes online here for UK delivery. We also have many independent retailers, delis and farm shops who stock our products - find your nearest stockist here.


Dukkah also makes a great coating for goujons, fish cakes or cheese bites. Used as a seasoning it adds a touch of magic to soups, salads or steaks ….. pop to our serving page for more delicious dukkah ideas. Dip it, Season it, Coat it or Bake you dukkah?